The 2021 PC Gamer Holiday Gift Guide


Again, this is the season for shopping for people you know. Things they will cherish, love and consider in their hearts forever. Or, like, a cool t-shirt is probably fine too.

Below is a series of suggestions categorized into convenient budget categories of $ 25 or less, $ 50 or so, and $ 100 or more. We also start with some of our favorites, regardless of the price, and end with some neat table games and music recommendations. Pro tip: Go to the music section, launch a built-in Bandcamp link, then go back to have your scrolling well accompanied.

These are all items that we can personally guarantee because we own them, or gifts that we would be happy to give or receive ourselves. Some are directly related to PC gaming, while others have a looser connection: practical, like super comfy pants to wear when working from home, or tasty, like a holiday ice cream collection.

Before we move on to gift ideas, a note for those of you looking to buy the special PC gamer in your life a new VR headset, chair, laptop, or even a full PC: our PC Black gaming deals. Fridays are where you can find our constantly updated picks on gear this week.

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Without further ado, the freebies!

Our absolute favorites

Our absolute favorites


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Less than $ 25

gifts under 25

Gifts for PC gamers under $ 25

Oxo electronic cleaning brush

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Gifts around $ 50

gifts under 50

Gifts for PC gamers around $ 50

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Legendary items ($ 100 and more)

Legendary gifts of $ 100 or more

burgschneider dress haithabu

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Table games

Table games

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Our Favorite Bandcamp Soundtracks

Here it is: some of the best music we’ve heard this year. Whether it’s Joel Corelitz’s unstoppable soundtrack for Eastward or the calming sounds of Japanese Breakfast in Sable, you can’t go wrong with these vibes.


… or maybe you should create your own vibrations? Haha … unless …


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