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This article is part of an ongoing series of articles based on data from and (formerly App Annie) highlighting trends in the global mobile gaming industry using Game IQ analytics from and IDC’s Gaming Spotlight 2022 reveals the incredible impact of mobile games on all regions and demographics around the world.

The rise and rise of mobile games, since the early days of the 21st century, until becoming the dominant platform for games, is reflected in multiple statistics, the very notion of what constitutes a “player” changing radically.

The report attributes the reach, penetration and ubiquity of mobile phones, along with the ease of access to app stores and the variety of experiences available to each user as the key factors behind the industry’s phenomenal growth.

In 2014, the mobile games market was worth just under $30 billion per year, putting it on par with the console and slightly ahead of the PC and Mac markets.

In 2022, the mobile side of games increased 4.5 times to reach $136 billion on the same annual basis. By comparison, the console and PC/Mac markets grew by about 0.25 times their 2014 value, giving them a value of $42 billion (console and $40 billion (PC/Mac). ).

Something for everyone

The report also highlights the huge changes in the types of games that make up the market in 2022. While the early days of mobile games focused on simple “small-sized” games, which were suitable for brief grazing sessions or of snacks, in 2022 these limitations are long gone.

Games of all types and genres are now found in the mobile sector. Even “basic” games, once limited to console and PC/Mac, can now be played and enjoyed on mobile, and even cross-platform.

“Mobile is democratizing the space and is now the primary growth driver for digital game consumption. We are seeing greater diversity across game genres, allowing publishers to serve new gamers of all generations and all genders,” said Lexi Sydow, Head of Market Insights,

Everyone is a player

According to the report, the impact of this ubiquity and increasingly diverse range of experiences is attracting an ever-diversifying array of actors.

Casual titles like Candy Crush and Toon Blast are attracting a growing number of players aged 45 and over (identified as Gen X and Baby Boomers), while games such as Roblox, Coin Master and Cookie Run: Kingdom are increasingly popular. more popular with women. players (although the market is still slightly male).

The US market has the highest female representation among top grossing games. Of the top 1,000 games spent by consumers in 2021, 47% are aimed at a female audience (so female gamers are more likely to play them). Roblox, for example, skews 30% women in the United States. This number was an increase from 37% in 2019.

There is some regional variation in the number of female players. However, in all areas, the number of female players continues to grow.

Among the top 1,000 games spent by consumers in 2021, 44% of games in the UK are female (up from 27% in 2019), while in France the percentage increased from 21% to 38% between 2019 and 2021. .

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The Mobile Spotlight 2022 report offers incredible insight into the ongoing evolution of the global mobile games market. The report is available free of charge and can be downloaded here.


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