The Caligula Effect 2 PC Port Report


The Caligula 2 effect was a game when I originally played it, I wanted more of its performance on the Nintendo Switch. When it was announced that it would be coming to Steam, I knew I was going to get the graphics boost I was waiting for. Tout a été amélioré, ce qui n’est pas difficile à croire, mais la façon dont vous pouvez contrôler l’expérience d’entrée dans ce monde donne envie de jouer beaucoup mieux.

Les améliorations principalement du côté graphique des choses apportent des graphismes rafraîchis à partir de consoles qui manquaient de plus que le plafond standard de 30 images par seconde. How does this ultimately compare to consoles and what improvements have been made? Discover in our The Caligula 2 effect Report on PC ports.

The Caligula 2 effect
Developer: Historia Inc.
Publisher: Nis America

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows (revised)
Release date: October 19, 2021, June 23, 2022 (Steam)

Price: $ 49.99

First, the settings menu gives you options of what you can adjust for your system. By default, the settings are based on your system and set automatically. Vous pouvez basculer les paramètres entre les modes plein écran, fenêtré et sans bordure, ce qui manque à certains jeux et je suis heureux que cela en fasse partie.

You can choose the resolution of your screens, including 4K, with the frame rate you want. However, the frame rate options cap out at 144 fps and there’s no option for non-throttled frames. While not a huge downside, it’s somewhat disappointing not to have it as an option as it has worked well so far.

Other options include texturing for character models and world like post-processing and texture quality. The options included are Low, Normal, High, and Best, which gives your computer a hardware-based percentage. These settings and the game are optimized well enough to run on almost any machine, including the Steam Deck, with great results.

The weird aliasing you get in low resolution is gone as it can use better hardware much more efficiently. L’équipe de History Inc. a fait très attention à créer quelque chose qui garderait son esthétique et l’améliorerait avec une meilleure qualité de texture et d’éclairage.

χ, a virtual idol in the game, as well as other characters, look better than their console counterparts. One thing I would have preferred in the PC port is slightly improved character animations or variations in NPC interactions, but it stays true to previous console releases in this regard.

Like other previous games that were ported to PC like God of war (2018) and Rise of the Monster Hunterit’s easier to play and watch for longer periods of time due to improvements on the software side for better hardware.

Historia Inc. did the math to bring a game that could flourish with its cool aesthetic that I loved on the Switch. The art style remains the same, but it’s brought into the true HD era it should have been in all along.

The Caligula 2 effect The PC port will launch on June 23 through Steam and the Epic Games Store. La suite est disponible depuis octobre 2021 pour Nintendo Switch et PlayStation 4. Au cas où vous l’auriez manqué, vous pouvez trouver notre examen approfondi de la version originale ici.


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