The Division 3 Resurgence Wasn’t What We Expected


Ubisoft showed off a new open-world shooter, The Division 3 Resurgence, which turned out not to be what fans expected.

The official announcement of the game Tom Clancy’s The Division Resurgence from the French company Ubisoft has taken place.

Like the previous two parts of this franchise, the novelty will be a third-person shooter with a large open world and a wide variety of loot.

Events will unfold again in post-apocalyptic New York, but the writers will tell a whole new story. However, there is a significant difference between The Division 3 Resurgence and the first two games.

The new part will not be released on PC and consoles but on mobile devices. This shocked many fans, as they were hoping that a fully-fledged The Division 3 would be announced for major platforms soon.

The Division Resurgence developers say gamers are expecting a console-level AAA project, but for smartphones and tablets. They tried to achieve both a high level of graphics and sufficient performance.

Management they have made convenient for touch screens. Players will be able to explore the already familiar open world with tons of new points of interest alone and in cooperation with their friends or with other random users.

The plot will allow you to look at the events of The Division and The Division 2 from a new perspective. The details of the story are promised to be told later.

Usually, gamers are skeptical about mobile versions of their favorite games. However, they received the trailer for

The Division 3 Resurgence warmly enough. The video managed to garner 1.6 thousand likes and just over 600 dislikes.

The Division Resurgence shooter will be released in 2023 on mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. Alpha testing begins this year. To participate, you must register on the official website.


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