The right laptop for every gamer on your gift list


You’ve finally decided to buy a laptop for the gamer in your life as the perfect holiday gift, but with so many options, where can you start? It all depends on the type of player you hope to dazzle this holiday season. With so many great options, we’ve found some of the best gaming laptops to suit any type of gamer that comes to mind.

The player who loves a bit of everything

Ask this giveaway to choose their favorite genre of game and you better be prepared for a long answer. They’ve been through countless adventures and have decided they love everything from RPGs to puzzles and beyond. Their tastes can’t be boxed, so if you want a gift that touches their hearts, a laptop that matches their diverse appetites is a sure winner.

With its Full HD 1080p resolution, the MSI Stealth 15M will provide your gamer with crisp visuals so that they can immerse themselves in the gaming experience. At 0.63 inches and 3.73 pounds, this is the computer The world’s thinnest gaming laptop in its class, making it convenient to store and play anywhere. This sleek yet sturdy model – with a subtle carbon gray design that makes it a great choice for work or school – also comes with Cooler Boost fan technology to prevent overheating when in the middle of a game. intense. Ideal for the player who needs a complete machine to meet their various demands.

Stealth MSI 15M

From $ 1,399

Available on Amazon and Best Buy

The player ready to take the next level

For the gamer who knows they want to start spending more time on their craft, a laptop like the Katana GF is packed with features to optimize their gaming experience. They might not be the kind of person who just yet. only lives for gaming, but the ready-to-level gamer wants the best entry-level machine they can get, so they can focus on their new favorite hobby without worrying about whether their machine can keep up rhythm. .

The GF includes an all-new laptop chassis design in a beautifully subtle style, as well as access to the MSI center to allow them to customize their setup to optimize performance. Its keyboard designed specifically for gaming and a PCIe Gen 4 interface to increase laptop speeds. With 15.6 “and 17.3” sizes available, your Hardcore Gamer has the luxury of choosing a display that suits their gaming aspirations.

Katana GF

Katana GF

From $ 999

Available at Walmart and Microcenter

The beginner player

With most of us spending more time at home lately, there’s probably a newbie player somewhere in your circle. If you’ve noticed a loved one’s new penchant for gaming adventures, you can help them familiarize themselves with their hobby with a laptop like the MSI Sword 15. This gaming laptop comes with a Dedicated Nvidia graphics card that will elevate your beginner’s game, compared to their early experiences with traditional laptops.

This model also includes a generous 512MB NVMe SSD, which means they will be able to enjoy games without a hitch as their gaming tastes evolve. With its white chassis helping it stand out from a design standpoint, it’s a solid starting point for a new player – but a regular to the game would love it too.

MSI Sword 15

MSI Sword 15

From $ 1,199.99 USD

Available at Best Buy

The streamer

This person is more laid back when it comes to their video game activities. Sure, it’s great to hook up with friends every now and then over a game or two, but that’s not the main way they spend their free time. A versatile model like the MSI Modern 14 is perfect for the casual gamer who may not be gaming a lot but prefers to watch streamers on Twitch or YouTube. Your player has the choice of a compact 14 “or larger 15.6” model.

Whether they’re listening to the soundtrack of the latest release from EA Games or working between their multiple tabs, the laptop’s Wi-Fi 6 connection ensures they’re well connected at all times. It comes with 8 hours of battery life and for under $ 500 it’s a versatile device that proves you can have fun and run business simultaneously.

MSI Modern 14

MSI Modern 14

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