Tifa Lockhart Jack-O Pose Statue is unlicensed and unmixed


A very healthy statue of Tifa Lockhart Jack-O Pose doing the Jack-O pose from Guilty Gear caught our attention.

The Tifa Lockhart Jack-O Pose statue is available for pre-order on digital hobby store FavorGK with an estimated release window of March 2023.

The unlicensed and unofficial Tifa Lockhart figure is made by fans of EA Studio (not to be confused with Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher), and it comes in three different versions: Standard (pictured), Advanced with Exchangeable Nude Body and Advanced with Exchangeable Nude Body in Combat Suit.

Going into the details of the statue, I have to say that EA Studio did a fantastic job from the prototype photos, they captured Tifa’s face and hair beautifully. Small details such as the Materia on his gloves secured by tiny chains add a lot to the figure (the Buster sword is also very nice).

For the physical state, the statue comes in 1/4 scale with a height of 14 inches (36 cm) and a width of 14 inches (36 cm) and a total diameter of 16 inches (41 cm) estimated therefore not a very large statue.

The Tifa Lockhart figure is currently on sale as an “early bird” special until Friday the 13thand of May for US$544.99. The original price was $579.99.

The set will cost a total of $728.99 ($783.99 without the sale price), certainly more expensive for an unlicensed statue. However, if you enjoy collecting statues or are an avid Final Fantasy fan, I would consider this a must have.


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