Twitch alternative Glimesh launches its mobile app


Open-source Twitch alternative Glimesh has announced the release of its long-awaited mobile app.

The new app allows viewers to watch and follow their favorite streamers on the platform. So what is Glimesh?

Glimesh was created after the shutdown of Microsoft’s “Mixer” streaming service and describes itself as a “next-generation streaming platform” built by the community for the community with a focus on discovery and transparency. creators.

By using the “FTL” low latency streaming protocol, streamers can interact with their audience without the significant delays found on other streaming platforms.

The company describes itself as “open”, taking transparency to an almost unheard-of extreme, releasing and keeping everything you can think of from the public, whether it’s profit and loss reports, streaming data, growth users, etc., as well as hosting. monthly shareholder-style meetings that anyone can attend.

As part of this “open” mindset, Glimesh also allows its users to help develop features for the platform through their building center.

Currently, as it stands, the Glimesh is in an open alpha state. Users can create their own profiles, stream and interact with other streamers, earn subscriptions, donate to each other, and host other users.

Glimesh mobile app is available for both Apple and android users.

For more information about Glimesh, you can check out their Discord and Guild waitersor their official site.


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