Upcoming RPG Anime Soul Tide Opens Pre-Registration


Developer LemcnSun has announced that pre-registration is open for its upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG Soul Tide. Pre-registration is open now and can be viewed on the game’s website. LemcnSun recently held a closed beta test and has developed a relatively strong fanbase for the game thanks to the anime’s art style and a unique gameplay.

Soul Tide is a dungeon crawling RPG that involves using and leveling up a large number of anime characters called Dolls, and while it’s very similar to a trillion other mobile titles, the gameplay real of it changes things a bit. The game world is based on summoning these dolls to fight against an evil witch who has shattered your world into all-out war. The perspective you’ll fight through is a first-person view, while the dungeon you’ll navigate through is a series of connected encounters viewed from above. Think Girls Frontline or Arknights campaign-style navigation, mixed with fresh, unique first-person combat played by tapping your party members’ cards and using their abilities between auto-attacks. Your party members will also use ultimate attacks, which will display in a very flashy cutscene style.

Along with this main part of the game’s main loop, there are also other interesting aspects of Soul Tide, such as the house customization aspect, which will allow you to build, decorate and improve a house for the dolls. The game also promises a dating sim aspect, allowing you to slowly develop your relationships with your dolls by giving them gifts, which will lead to unique cutscenes and events where you get closer and learn more about the different members of your group. .

If you’re looking for something that takes the hero collector anime RPG genre and tries to give it a unique flair, Soul Tide might be the game you’re looking for. If you take the time to pre-register, which can only be done on the website mentioned above, you’ll unlock special rewards when it launches. Soul Tide is set to launch at some undetermined time this year.

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