Valve is already planning a Steam Deck 2


Valve is already planning a follow-up to its highly anticipated Steam Deck, according to company president Gabe Newell.

Speaking to EDGE Magazine, Newell spoke of Valve’s surprise when the most expensive version of the Steam Deck turned out “by far” the most popular version of the handheld. “That’s why we always like to take something out and ship it. Because we learn a lot from that, and it helps frame our thinking for Deck 2.”

This new version of the Steam Deck will likely be a more powerful version of the device, reflecting what Valve thinks its customers are saying by purchasing the high-end deck. “They’re basically saying ‘We’d like an even more expensive version of this’ in terms of power capabilities or whatever,” Newell said.

Indeed, it looks like Valve already has a long future planned for the Steam Deck, with Newell considering it a “permanent addition” to PC gaming. “Second iterations will be more about: what capabilities does mobile give us, beyond what you’d get in a traditional desktop or laptop?”

What’s interesting about this is that Valve’s vision for the Steam Deck apparently ties into its continued pursuit of VR gaming, with Newell stating that the Steam Deck represents “high-performance battery power that you could possibly also use in VR applications”. .

It’s true that one of the biggest barriers to VR gaming accessibility is the physically inconvenient nature of the hardware, which is why Facebook/Meta’s Quest headsets are by far the most popular VR devices. Could Valve be planning a Steam Deck that somehow fits into a VR headset, which simultaneously lowers the cost of investing in VR hardware and makes it easier to use? Or maybe just a Steam Deck with enough graphics power to push a tethered VR headset, such as the Valve Index.

Whatever Valve’s plans are, Newell says “We’re not quite there yet.” But it seems that a second Steam Deck is still in the works.


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