Viral clip shows professional gamer shroud killed by ‘player controller’ in Apex Legends


A pair of viral clips touring online show top Twitch streamer Shroud getting killed in Apex Legends.

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Tic Streamer Shroud is well known for his incredible skills in video games, which he used not only to participate in video games at a professional level, but also to launch a very successful streaming career. Shroud’s popularity was enough for him to be one of the streamers Microsoft signed on to an exclusive deal with Mixer, and now that he’s back on Twitch, Shroud continues to entertain his fans with some awesome games. .

Shroud’s high level of play is well known in the streaming community, which is why a clip of him being quickly killed by a self-proclaimed “controlling player” is going viral on TikTok. In the clip, Shroud is shredded in a game of Apex Legends by a player known on Twitch as gruffysnuggles. In the clip, Shroud expresses his surprise at how quickly he was killed. He calls gruffysnuggles a “legend” and says he’s the fastest he’s dead in the game.


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Here is the clip of Twitch streamer Shroud being killed by gruffysnuggles in Apex Legends:

Gruffysnuggles also uploaded the clip of his murder of Shroud from his own perspective. The clip shows gruffysnuggles doing as usual Apex Legends loot and then casually kill Shroud, not realizing she was up against one of Twitch’s top streamers. Some time passes, then gruffysnuggles’ conversation informs her that she just killed Shroud, to which she responds in disbelief.

For those who are confused by the terminology, a “controller player” is someone who obviously uses a controller when playing a video game, but it is meant to have a negative connotation. The general consensus is that playing with a mouse and keyboard on a PC is superior to playing with a controller, requiring a bit more skill but also allowing for more precision. Games are trying to make things more uniform with things like aiming aid on controllers, but generally those who choose to use controllers instead of mouse and keyboard are criticized by some in the community. PC players, so “controller player” is used as an insult.

Shroud remains one of the best Twitch streamers in the world, so this moment should go a long way in boosting gruffysnuggles’ own following. Gruffysnuggles clips have gone viral on TikTok, garnering over 100,000 likes on each video and a combined total of over 2 million views at the time of writing. This is the kind of moment that little Twitch streamers cross their fingers, so it will be interesting to see if gruffysnuggles successfully capitalizes on this new attention. She has around 670 subscribers at the time of this writing and is currently streaming. Apex Legends.

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