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Sat 9 October 2021

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It may still seem surreal today that being a gamer can be considered a profession. Indeed, if you gather 10 children in a room and you ask them what they consider to be the job of their dreams, there is a good chance that several of them will tell you “A professional player“.

It shows how the esports industry has experienced a giant leap of growth over the past two years, especially during the pandemic.

This significant growth can only happen after years of hard work, raising awareness of the potential for building a professional career in this industry, especially among parents. We invested in educating the market about this in our early years and our patience paid off. According to our recent report, Indonesia Esports Industry Outlook 2021, over 50% of Indonesian gamers are under the age of 18.

The government has also taken note of the positive growth of esports with the inclusion of esport in the ongoing National Games (PON) in Papua. It has become clear that parents welcome this feeling and give them greater confidence by allowing their children to make play their professional career.

However, the growing support from the government as well as the brand’s sponsors and endorsements is like a double-edged sword because everything looks easy. Not to mention the fame and fortune that comes with being a professional gamer. But nothing can be further than the truth, because the life of a professional player demands discipline and perseverance.

At EVOS Esports, we have a strict schedule and a well-thought-out training duration for our players. The majority of our divisions or teams train from 1:00 p.m. and end at 10:00 p.m. After that they review and all ranked matches add 2-4 more hours.

The rigorous journey to acquire the title of “pro” player must be told. Players need to understand that it takes dedication and serious commitment to become a “pro”.
The popularity of digital platforms and social media among the younger generation is embraced by the gaming and esports industry. We see that these materials can help us spread the word about our history, and at the same time educate potential players on what it takes to be a professional player.

Recently, we partnered with one of the leading digital platforms, TikTok Indonesia, to host The Greatest Gamer contest. It’s a reality show that captures participants’ daily activities over four weeks, documenting their journey to becoming a professional gamer.

When we were initially approached for this we jumped at the chance without hesitation as it would provide valuable insight into what it takes to become a professional player and esports athlete. They must undergo careful training to achieve a high level of concentration while staying in shape physically and mentally. This would become evident with this competition through the daily activities of the participants. As you can see, digital platforms play a central role in spreading the stories.

Through these stories, aspiring pro-gamers will realize that it takes a high level of maturity before they can become a “pro”. They will see that they must be passionate and dedicated enough to this profession to endure this difficult journey. Ultimately, professional gaming is an industry of passion. It can bring wealth and recognition to the privileged few, but the majority of people would most likely do it as a great and fulfilling hobby.

For professional players, esports is the purest form of competition and the best of us convey a real sense of accomplishment and failure with every move we make.


The writer has been at the helm of esports and a professional player for years, now focusing on building the team under EVOS Esports.


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