World War Armies Competitive PvP RTS Launches Worldwide Today


Indie developer Hypemasters has launched its latest project to date; a World War II-themed real-time strategy mobile game called World War Armies. A free-to-play PvP-focused experience, World War Armies aims to emulate the same feelings as premium RTS titles like Company of Heroes or Steel Division.

If you’re unaware of what exactly a real-time strategy game might entail, let’s catch up on it. RTS games are mostly played from a top-down perspective, and typically you collect resources, either by capturing control points or mining them yourself, and using those resources to build structures and units. From there, you’ll order these units to fight and navigate different maps in an attempt to beat your opponent, usually by destroying their headquarters building. Usually these games require a lot of concentration and quick hand movements as you need to be fully aware of what is happening on the board at all times.

It might seem like a difficult experience to try on handheld devices, but World War Armies features a pretty decently streamlined control scheme that should allow you to press the actions you’d usually press keys for on a PC. Combine that with all the content offered at launch, and this one seems like a pretty premium release.

As for what exactly this content is, World War Armies will have 3 factions at launch; the United States, Germany and the USSR. It will also launch with two game modes, for now, including a practice mode to fight the AI ​​and a Skirmish mode, where you will face real players. There will also be a battle pass offered upfront to earn additional rewards like cosmetics and XP boosts.

If all this strategic and competitive PvP appeals to you, you can try World War Armies for free by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play.


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