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Start of our WWE 2K22 review, it is worth mentioning tthe nWo4Life edition of WWE 2K22 was released on March 8, 2022; the base game was released on March 11. Over the past week, we’ve gone through WWE’s roster, past and present, and found it to be adequate.

Looking at the WWE 2K22 list, this reveals how many Superstars have been released from WWE in the past two years. So this year’s roster might be the biggest we’ll see in a WWE match right now; the game features more than 170 superstars. So how does he WWE 2K22 compare to WWE 2K20ring the bell of our WWE 2K22 review?

WWE 2K22
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Sports
Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X (revised) and Microsoft Windows
Release Date: March 8, 2022 (nWo 4-Life Edition Deluxe Edition)/March 11, 2022 (Standard Edition)
Players: 1 to 4 local / 1 to 8 online
MSRP: $59.99

Entering our WWE 2K22 review, there are a few key factors we want to look at. The main objective is to determine whether or not WWE 2K22 is a better game than WWE 2K20. As many of you know, WWE 2K20 did not have a good launch and had persistent issues months after the game was released. For this reason, WWE, Visual Concepts and 2K Sports canceled WWE 2K21 in an effort to make WWE 2K22 the wrestling game the most successful there is. So did they succeed?

When the engine starts WWE 2K22, the player has the choice of jumping straight into the game hub or following the tutorial. We highly recommend reading the tutorial if you haven’t played a WWE 2K game or need to brush up.

Once on the main hub page, players have the option to choose between Play, Showcase, Universe, MY GM, My Faction, and My Rise. Players can also access the creations section, online menu or options tab.

The Creations tab allows players to create custom Superstars, Entrances, Titles, Movesets, Arenas, Shows, and more. Once created, a player can upload these creations in the creation tab of the online community. Online allows players to download other people’s creations, find lobbies, or play in random matches. Finally, the Options menu allows players to purchase characters, edit character rosters and stats, and customize a playlist using the jukebox.

WWE 2K22 Wrestling Center

While playing WWE 2K22, we noticed a few key issues that could turn casual gamers away. Although the game still has bugs, none of these bugs are groundbreaking.

Playing on a higher than normal difficulty can be frustrating for casual players due to an improperly timed reversal window. The game’s controller layer and struggle mechanics are not easy to understand; that means a friend can’t just come and play.

So unless your friends like getting punched, this isn’t for everyday gamers. While playing, we noticed that character interaction didn’t always go as smoothly as possible. Yes, you can play the game, but you won’t have as much fun as playing the old game Smackdown vs. Raw games or here comes the pain.

In the Play menu, players can choose between a wide variety of matches to participate in. In fact, most of these match types are not accessible in MY GM mode and are rarely seen in My Rise or My Factions modes.

The gameplay is good for a once in a while game, but playing the game day in and day out will get old fast.

Overall, WWE 2K22 tries to offer a variety of game modes for a wide variety of players, but fails to perfect one specific mode. With Showcase, the player is limited to specific Mysterio matches which have specific objectives that must be completed in order to progress.

My Faction is a card team builder that is easily a pay-to-win model. My Universe is what My GM mode should be and allows the player to control rivalries, matches, championships and winners.

My GM mode allows players to take control of a mark but imposes many limitations on the mode and searches for specific items. My GM mode should honestly be ignored alongside My Faction. Finally, last but not least is the My Rise mode.

My Rise gives the player the ability to journey through their own WWE history as a male or female superstar. Both paths have a variety of stories that the player can go through, but they are all rather short.

During our WWE 2K22 review, we noticed that the game has no main story. Of the five game modes, only two have story aspects. Showcase allows the player to play twelve matches in Rey Mysterio’s career.

Some of these matches don’t seem as important as others when looking at Mysterio’s career, but ultimately some were probably chosen to make the mix easier. After completing certain match objectives, the game would switch to archived footage of Rey Mysterio’s old matches. At a certain point, the images stopped and the match resumed.

The only real story mode in WWE 2K22 comes from My Rise mode. Once the player has created their wrestler, they can choose their path through WWE to become a WWE Superstar.

Certain moments of the story missions are scripted, but overall the player can choose which story they wish to undertake. Unfortunately, most character interactions happen via text. My Rise mode features unique stories for male or female superstars.

Madskillz My Rise WWE 2K22 Character

WWE 2K22the graphics of are a significant improvement over WWE 2K20. Most of the superstars designed by the development team mostly resemble their real life counterparts.

The game has a number of visual and gameplay bugs that may cause players to say “what just happened” or “what’s going on”. On one occasion, our character jumped through another character without colliding with them. The game’s hitbox may be inaccurate.

Creating characters and other things in the game can also be a headache, with hair and coloring being a chore rather than a fun way to spice up the character. Lighting, special effects, and shading have all improved dramatically by eliminating some of the weird camera angles and visuals on character models.

WWE 2K22 has a slight problem with sound and music. The commentary team will pick out what a character does and can say how it affects them, but their dialogue gets old fast.

Not only that, but the NXT and some of the other WWE commentators weren’t included in the game. is not possible.

The game also has an issue when it comes to the music playing. Many times we have noticed WWE Superstars not coming out of any entrance theme. On the other hand, when loading into matches or between menus, songs would sometimes overlap or cut each other.


Globally WWE 2K22The core gameplay of is not intended for everyday wrestling fans. Modes like My Universe or My GM mode are more accessible to casual gamers; meanwhile, My Faction and My Rise give the player more tasks to complete.

The game controls are more of a chore and the overall gameplay still needs a bit of tweaking. Yes, there are not as many bugs as WWE 2K20, but there are still too many. These bugs not only include core gameplay, but also graphics and sound.

So, if you’re planning on picking up WWE 2K22, it’s better to wait until the game goes on sale than to grab it now.

The WWE 2K22 review was made on the Xbox Series X using a copy provided by 2K Sports. You can find additional information about Niche Gamer’s Review/Ethics Policy here. WWE 2K22 launched March 8, 2022 (nWo 4-Life Edition Deluxe Edition)/March 11, 2022 (Standard Edition) on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S (revised).


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