Xbox and Switch ports of Trash Quest are now available


Publisher and developer Francis Vace announced the Trash Quest Xbox and Switch ports are now available.

Now that the Trash Quest Both Xbox and Switch ports are available, the game is available digitally through the Xbox Store and eShop, respectively. Trash Quest was originally released for Windows PC (via Steam) in April 2021.

The game promises “challenging” platforming action with “tight platforming”, crisp pixel visuals, dynamic action and zero checkpoints – the game auto-saves and auto-spawns you.

Here is a new trailer:

Here is an overview of the game:

The crew of the Deliverance space station has just settled into their cryopods for the long journey to Tau Ceti.
The AI ​​has been activated and is running a quick systems check.
Engines: OK.
Sailing: good.
Unexpected lifeforms: …

A form of life that does not care about the mission. A life form that doesn’t care about sophisticated defense systems. A life form that only cares about putting its dirty hands on the station’s trash cans.
A raccoon.

Trash Quest is a compact metroidvania with zero checkpoints, run and gun action, and tight platforming. Navigate a maze of interlocking rooms through this space station by destroying robots, collecting power-ups and unlocking shortcuts.

A metroidvania without checkpoints?

Progress in Trash Quest is automatically saved, and the level is tightly squeezed around a single spawn location. Each time you die, you will be returned to that location in the middle, but any bonuses, abilities, or shortcuts you have unlocked remain.


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